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LECUSA $50,000 Project to Support Liberian Episcopal Schools and Ebola Orphans

The third point of LECUSA’s mission is: “To pull our individual and collective resources for the benefit of the Episcopal Church of Liberia.” LECUSA solicits your financial support to help us raise $50,000, in order to implement two major projects in the Episcopal Church of Liberia, effective April 2016 – April 2017.

  • Lending financial and material support for Episcopal Schools in Liberia – Education for children in rural Liberia (at least $500 per school);
  • Render assistance (education, materials and resources) to the Liberian Ebola Orphans – approximately 2,000 or more orphans are struggling to survive after the deadly Ebola Virus Disease epidemic ended in Liberia.

LECUSA’s goal of raising $50,000 coincides with a national Episcopal Church USA 2016 appeal promoting West African relief and development outreach efforts. The Rev. Dr. James Yarsiah (jyarsiah@yahoo.com) is LECUSA Chairman. Please make checks payable to LECUSA and mail c/o the LECUSA Financial Secretary: Mr. David Hanson, 32 Knoll Drive, Blackwood, NJ 08012. You can make your donation on line at a secured PayPal link on our website: www.lecusa.net; Please click for link:  “Support for Liberian Episcopal schools and Orphans.”  LECUSA is grateful to you for your generosity and financial support. God bless!

Click here for list of Episcopal schools currently operating in the Diocese of Liberia

Click button below to support Liberian Schools and Orphans


LECUSA 10th Anniversary Gathering, Newark, NJ - Photos taken at Opening Prayer and Plenary sessions on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 24 Rector Street. We extend sincere gratitude to our hosts: The Episcopal Diocese of Newark, Trinity and St. Philip's Cathedral, New Jersey.

Click album below to view the photos taken by Mr. Benoni Tarr Grimes at LECUSA 10th Anniversary Awards and Recognition Benefit Dinner on 4/11/15. Congratulations to all of our Honorees! Enjoy! 

Photos of the distribution of the LECUSA Ebola Medical, Sanitation and Food Items
( Click here for Health and Media Advisory for Liberian Communities )

Distribution of Food Items and detergents to ECL Clergies and Staffs Distribution of Food Items and detergents to ECL Clergies and Staffs Distribution of Food Items and detergents to ECL Clergies and Staffs Clergy and ECL Staff receiving and signing for items received Clergy and ECL Staff receiving and signing for items received  Presentation of Ebola Materials to Hope for Women Health Center                                           Presentation to the Bromley Mission School Bishop Hart speaks with Nurse during presentation at Crozierville Health Center Presentation to Bensenville Hospital  Bishop Hart makes presentation to Health Center in Banjor                     Crozierville Reproductive Health Center receiving some of the medical Items        Bishop of the Lutheran Church receiving some of the Items from Bishop Hart Presentation to International Poly clinic Presentation to Bendaja Health Center in Cape Mount Presentation to Ebola Treatment Unit in Jenewale, Cape Mount jquery lightbox with slideshowby VisualLightBox.com v5.9


Active Clergy Annual Membership - $100.00

Non Clergy Annual Membership - $50.00

Retired Clergy Annual Membership - $50.00


ECL Sustainability Fund

St. Mark's gets new roof - Harper, Liberia

The Most Rev. Jonathan BB Hart

The Rev. Dr. James T. Yarsiah,
LECUSA Chairman
Chaplain / Vicar, Voorhees College,
St. Philip's, South Carolina

Signage for The Episcopal Church of Liberia


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