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A weekly update bulletin from the desk of The Rev. Dr. Dee Wellington Bright, LECUSA CHAIRMAN 


Dr. Elwood Dunn's Status:
In a conversation with Dr. Elwood Dunn this week concerning the status of his healing, he indicated that his wounded eye is still being treated. He still cannot see through that eye. I ask your continuing prayers for him as it is not certain whether he will ever be able to use that eye again. That determination will be made in a few months from now.
To my utmost surprise, I learned that Dr. Dunn was able to resumed his writing project in spite of the situation. With just one eye, he is laboring to complete the sequel of his work on the History of Episcopal Church of Liberia. He has such tenacious spirit. Please keep him in your prayers.

Fr. Victor King's Installation
We have been informed that on Saturday, June 23rd, Fr. Victor King will be installed as the Vicar of Calvary Episcopal Church in Virginia. We congratulate Fr. King on the progress he has made as he continues his ministry in the US.
Members of LECUSA are invited to Fr. King's Installation
Calvary Episcopal Church
13312 Hanover Courthouse
Hanover, VA 23069
Time of the service is at 2:00 pm (June 23, 2019)
Fr. King can be reached at 804-503-1641

Vice Chair-lady's Trip:
Over the past weekend, our Vice Chair-Lady, Marie Hayes, made a family trip to Worcester, Massachusetts and turned it into a LECUSA outreach. She was able to promote and make contacts that will enable LECUSA to make some inroads in that area. Here is her report on it:
...On Saturday, June 1st, I was in Worcester and decided to connect with Liberians of Episcopal descent residing in the Worcester area. I did connect with Mr. Fester Konneh, Sr. Warden at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church and several Liberian members of the church when I attended their service on Sunday, June 2nd. I was asked to introduce myself...I also met other Episcopalians at various graduation barbecues attended on Saturday and Sunday. They are excited about your visit in June (the pending visit of the membership chair, Benoni Grimes)...I am copying my sister and brother-in-law, also former members of St. Matthew's who can connect you with Fester and others. Charles and his wife, Korpo (my sister) are very good contacts for getting folks together in Worcester. I have requested their support for LECUSA even though they are currently not attending an Episcopal church.
Note: This report is an example of initiatives that all LECUSA members can take where-ever they travel.

Membership Committee Chairman's trip
Brother Benoni Grime is due to also make visits to Worcester and Rhode Island soon. He will also use the opportunity to coordinate efforts towards organizing a LECUSA group in these areas. Thanks to his many good efforts.

Result of the Joint Committee Meeting:
On this past Thursday, the Pastoral Care Committee and the Membership Committee had a joint meeting for the purpose coordinating areas of overlapping responsibilities. Brother Grimes and Fr. Wilson, (of the membership committee), will work in collaboration with Fr. Mitchell (head of the Pastoral Care Committee), with regards to remitting news of condolences in the name of LECUSA

May this serve as a kind reminder that those who intend to suggest items for amendment to LECUSA's By-laws would need to do so on or ASAP. The By-laws committee is getting back to work to finalize the amendment process soon."...please act now or forever hold your peace!

Maryland in Preparation
LECUSA members in the State of Maryland are now in the early stages of planing the hosting of our 2020 Annual Gathering there. I spoke with Jackie Cooper this past week and was impressed by the momentum. In addition to organizing the host committee, they are currently trying to secure a hall suitable enough for he 2020 event.
Please keep them in your prayers as they take these initial preparatory steps.

The 2020 Annual Gathering
Please keep Maryland in mind for LECUSA's next Annual Gathering on April 17-19, 2020.

RE-CAST of LECUSA's Upcoming Meeting:
Next Executive Meeting: June 13, 2019.
(This Thursday)
The second executive meeting following the Annual Gathering is this Thursday, June 13. We will finalize a number of crucial and urgent unfinished matters from the May Meeting Agenda-
Meeting Time: 7:00 pm Central / 8:00 pm Eastern
Number: 605-313-4831; Code: 735-490#


First General Meeting after the Gathering: June 27
This general meeting following the 2019 Gathering is open to all members. Please prepare to share your overall feedback on the 2019 Gathering.
Meeting Time: 7:00 pm Central / 8:00 pm Eastern
Number: 605-313-4831; Code: 735-490#


See the poster below and consider how you might be supportive.

The CUAAA Reunion goes to the twin Cities of Minnesota this year.
Consider attending and or just supporting and be a part of the ongoing academic legacy of its historic institution. www.cuttingtonalumni.org


THE UBE National Conference
The 2019 annual conference of the Union of Black Episcopalians, (UBE), is scheduled for July 22-26 in Los Angeles. See website for details. www.ube.org

REMEMBER: “With God, all things are possible!”

LECUSA National and LECUSA - MN Chapter “Chairs Project” for 5 Episcopal Church of Liberia Schools!
Benefiting schools are: St. James, Hoffman Station, Harper, Maryland (Southeastern Archdeaconry); St. John’s Buchanan (Bassa Archdeaconry); St. Martin on the Mount, Yekepa (LOBONI Archdeaconry); St. Stephen, Mambo & St. Andrew’s, Mbaloma (Southwestern Archdeaconry). Each school will receive 50 Armchairs!



LECUSA 10th Anniversary Gathering, Newark, NJ - Photos taken at Opening Prayer and Plenary sessions on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 24 Rector Street. We extend sincere gratitude to our hosts: The Episcopal Diocese of Newark, Trinity and St. Philip's Cathedral, New Jersey.

Click album below to view the photos taken by Mr. Benoni Tarr Grimes at LECUSA 10th Anniversary Awards and Recognition Benefit Dinner on 4/11/15. Congratulations to all of our Honorees! Enjoy! 

Photos of the distribution of the LECUSA Ebola Medical, Sanitation and Food Items
( Click here for Health and Media Advisory for Liberian Communities )

Distribution of Food Items and detergents to ECL Clergies and Staffs Distribution of Food Items and detergents to ECL Clergies and Staffs Distribution of Food Items and detergents to ECL Clergies and Staffs Clergy and ECL Staff receiving and signing for items received Clergy and ECL Staff receiving and signing for items received  Presentation of Ebola Materials to Hope for Women Health Center                                           Presentation to the Bromley Mission School Bishop Hart speaks with Nurse during presentation at Crozierville Health Center Presentation to Bensenville Hospital  Bishop Hart makes presentation to Health Center in Banjor                     Crozierville Reproductive Health Center receiving some of the medical Items        Bishop of the Lutheran Church receiving some of the Items from Bishop Hart Presentation to International Poly clinic Presentation to Bendaja Health Center in Cape Mount Presentation to Ebola Treatment Unit in Jenewale, Cape Mount jquery lightbox with slideshowby VisualLightBox.com v5.9


Active Clergy Annual Membership - $100.00

Laity Annual Membership - $100.00

Retired Clergy Annual Membership - $50.00

ECL Sustainability Fund

Donate any Amount


St. Mark's gets new roof - Harper, Liberia

The Most Rev. Jonathan BB Hart

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