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As the world continues to combat the deadly COVID-19 virus, we invite all our LECUSA members to this week's intercessory Prayer time.

The Rev. Canon John Harmon will preside over this week's session.
As we are surely standing the need of prayer...

Please join LECUSA's prayer line on this Thursday, March 26th, 2020, for another round of very spirited collective intercessions for our LECUSA family and for the nations of the world during these critical times.

Call 605-313-4831
Code: 735-490#
Time: 7:00 pm Central and 8:00 pm Eastern

Please mark your calendars as we are depending on the participation of all members.
Remember that the fervent prayer of the righteous avails much-(James 5:16)

A Special Note:
During this time, we are encouraging all our members to look out for one another in a special way.

Please let us know of any member of family who might be affect directly by the virus so we can particularly reach our to then and place them in continuous prayer.

In such a case, please contact me as the national chairman directly at (413) 222-5168 or afi83@earthlink.net

Please stay tuned for more info in the pipeline


From: The Revd. Dr. Dee Wellington Bright, (LECUSA Chairman)

As pineapples, “Let’s show our juice” by giving back adequately to our home diocese.

2020 Annual Gathering Cancelled

To Our LECUSA Family:

Please be informed that due to the increasing spread of the coronavirus which has reached pandemic proportions,  the Executive committee of LECUSA has voted to cancel the 2020 national Gathering.

However, arrangements will be made for the Raffle Draw to still be held at a later date this year. Please stay tuned for more info on the new  date of the Raffle Draw as well as for information on other adjustments related to the cancellation. Next year's National Gathering is scheduled for April 9th--11th, 2021.

Thanks for your understanding as the US and the world battle this deadly virus. May God protect you and your family and save humanity.

Thanks again,
Fr. Dee Wellington Bright
National Chairman


LECUSA’s 2020 Annual Gathering
Welcome Statement from the National Chairman

I am pleased to welcome everyone as we prepare for our 2020 Annual Gathering. This will be our 15th Gathering since our founding as an organization. This year, we will meet under the theme: “Salt of the Earth, Light of the World”; based on St. Matthew 5:13-16. During this year’s gathering, we will explore ways in which we can be salt of the earth and light of the world in greater ways. We will engage a number of practical teaching sessions that will hopefully prove useful to our attendees. We hope to strengthen our bonds of fellowship and ties across similarities and differences.

And oh, the raffle draw with many impressive prizes including a round trip ticket to Liberia will be our main fundraiser this year. We look forward to an inspirational messages from our keynote speaker, Mrs. Linda Greenfield-Thomas, Former US Ambassador to Liberia, and a climaxing sermon at the Sunday Eucharist that will reinvigorate and revive us again. Please follow the details below and register now for this great occasion.
Join us as we seek greater ways to be “Salt of the Earth and Light of the World”

~The Rev. Dr. Dee Wellington Bright.

2020 Annual Gathering Details
Friday, April 17th, through Sunday, April 19th, 2020
St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Laurel, Maryland
522 Main Street, Laurel, MD. 20707
Phone # (301) 776-5151


FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2020
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church
552 Main St, Laurel, MD 20707
Conference Fee: $50.00
($40.00 early registration ends Mar. 15)
Opening Eucharist
7:00 PM
Meet and Greet Fellowship: 8:30-10:0pm


15th Anniversary Benefit Dinner Recognitions & Raffle

The Friendship Center
9055 Maier Rd. Unit C., Laurel, MD 20723
7:00 PM

Donation: $50.00 Single; $80.00 Couple

Keynoter: Mrs. Linda Greenfield-Thomas
Former US Ambassador to Liberia

Major Raffle Draw:
The National Raffle Draw will take place during the Benefit Dinner.
Please help this major fundraise by buying and selling tickets with a chance of winning a round trip ticket to Liberia and other competitive prizes. Contact your local LECUSA leaders or David Hanson, (856-308-5735), for Tickets.



Double Tree by Hilton
15101 Sweitzer Lane, Laurel, MD 20707
301-776-5300   Code: LEC - $99.00 /Night
Deadline Mar. 27, 2020

  Fairfield Inn by Marriott
13700 Baltimore Ave., Laurel, MD 20707
301-498-8900   Code LECUSA - $119.00/Night
Deadline Mar. 17, 2020

Holiday Inn Express
14402 Laurel Place, Laurel, MD
301-206-2600 - Code LECUSA - $110.00 / Night
Deadline Mar. 6, 2020


7:00 AM – 4:00 PM
(Registration cont’d.)

Business Meetings & Workshops
St. Philip’s Episcopal Church
522 Main St ǀ Laurel, MD 20707

 *Election Year: You must be in good standing to vote.


SUNDAY, APRIL 19, 2020
Closing Eucharist & Celebration
Episcopal Church of Our Savior
1700 Powder Mill Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20903
10:00 AM

(Followed by a Luncheon)


Planning Contacts                                                                                      
Jackie Robinson-Cooper (301-500-4598)
Mr. Jonathan Pearce (410-905-9485

LECUSA Officers
The Rev. Dr. Dee Wellington Bright, Chair
Mrs. Marie Yarsiah-Hayes, Vice Chair
The Rev. Edward H Thompson, Secretary
Mr. John Mellish, Treasurer
Mr. David T. Hanson, Financial Secretary
The Rev. Dr. Matilda Dunn, Parliamentarian



Friday, 2/21/ 2020 - Good Breaking News!

Thanks for your prayers. Bishop Hart has been safely transferred to the US. They left Liberia on yesterday, (Thursday) and arrived today (Friday). He is being admitted at a hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was a well coordinated effort. The Bishop was accompanied by Hilary Collins, Sheba Browne and his doctor. This is all that we are priviledged to share for now as we continue to pray for the Bishop's ongoing recovery. With your fervent prayers and with God's grace, full recovery is possible. Thanks again to all of you for your well wishes and prayers for him, Mother Hart & Family and the Diocese of Liberia. To God be the Glory!

Update on Bishop Hart's Situation - Wednesday, 2/19/ 2020

Since our last update on Bishop Hart much has not changed. The most that can be reported for now is that plans are still in the works for the Bishop to be transferred to the US. Hopefully this will happen this week. Your prayers are requested because the sooner he gains access to US medical treatment, the better for his recovery. Please stay tuned.

Kind reminder:

LECUSA Mass General Meeting - Thursday, February 20, 2020
All LECUSA members are asked to attend this important mass meeting.

7:00 pm CT / 8:00 pm ET:
Call 605-313-4831------Code 735-490#

The Nominating Committee for the Next Bishop:

The recent diocesan convention of the Episcopal Church of Liberia elected a nominating committee for the next bishop of Liberia. Please note that this move has nothing to do with the illness of the bishop. This action was already a part of the convention due to the fact that Bishop Hart was already scheduled to retire in a few years. The election of the next Bishop, (a coadjutor), is to take place in next two years. The committee is comprised of clergy and lay members as follows:

Clergy members of the Nominating Committee

Fr. Andy B. K. Davies
Fr. David S. Hina
Fr. Richard B. Kpehe
Fr. Harrise S. Woart

Lay members of the Nominating Committee

Bro. Debar Allen
Bro. Christopher K. Fayia
Bro. A. Trokon Tarr
Bro. Aaron B. Ansumana

Update on Bishop Hart's Situation 2/16/20

On today, Sunday, Bishop Hart was scheduled to be flown to the US for further treatment given the limited medical conditions in Liberia. This is a very wise move on the part of the family and the diocese. Please let your prayers remain fervent for the bishop as we believe that God is in control.

Please stay tuned, stay prayerful and optimistic as we all keep hope alive.

The Diocesan Convention came to its conclusion today with a nominating committee formed for election of a bishop-coadjutor in the near future.

LECUSA's statement of well wishes and solidarity was read at the final session of the convention today by Fr. Michael, our liaison.

Once again, thanks for your ongoing prayers.

Post Script: Please contiune to pray for the Annual Convention in Liberia as it is still in session.

To our LECUSA Community:
We just received news that Bishop Hart took sick this morning at the Annual Convention of ECL. He was rushed to the hospital and is stabilized. Your prayers are kindly requested for Bishop Hart's health and full recovery.

Below is a correspondence that I received from The Rev. Fr. Michael Sie, LECUSA's liaison in Liberia.

--Original Message----- 
From: Michael Sie
Sent: Feb 13, 2020 10:29 AM
To: "Rev. Dee Bright"
Subject: Re: Primate Health

Dear Rev. Dr. Bright,
Grace, Peace & Mercy from God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am writing you this email from 86th Diocesan Convention, sitting at the Cuttington University, Bong County.
This morning the Primate had a mild stoke and was immediately rushed to the Phebe Hospital. He is now stabilized and transferred to the John F. Kennedy Hospital for further treatment.

Meanwhile, in consultation with the Diocesan Chancellor Cllr. Seward M. Cooper, he has appointed the Ven. Sie Sunday Freeman, Archdeacon of the South Western Archdeaconry as Vicar General.

The Episcopal Church of Liberia ask your prayers for the full recovery of the Primate and the Metropolitan Archbishop IpWA & Bishop of Liberia.

God’s Grace,
Rev. Michael Tuan Sie, Sr.,+
Diocesan Secretary
Episcopal church of Liberia
Provincial Secretary /IpWA
Blessings to you and yours,
Fr. Dee Wellington Bright
National Chair

LECUSA’s 2020 Annual Gathering
Friday, April 17th, through Sunday, April 19th, 2020
St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Laurel, Maryland
522 Main Street, Laurel, MD. 20707
Phone # (301) 776-5151

Early Registration is in progress on this website.
Early Bird $40.00 (up to March 15)
Registration thereafter $50.00

Grand Raffle Draw
A major feature of the annual gathering will be a raffle draw with the grand prize of a round trip ticket to Liberia along with other attractive prizes
Contact Mr. David Henson or your local LECUSA group for tickets before they run out.

Weekend Events:
Friday  April 17th welcome service and meet n'  greet will be held at St. Philips, Laurel
Saturday April 18th Morning service and convention will be held at St. Philips, Laurel
Saturday April 18th Gala Dinner will be held at the Friendship Center in Laurel. Md
Sunday April 19th Farewell Service and Brunch will be held at Our Savior, Powder Mill, Md.

Mrs. Jackie Cooper: (301) 395-7375
Mr. Jonathan Pearce: (410)905-9485
Fr. Edward Thompson: (504)-320-4857
Mrs. Marie Hayes: (651) 214-7007
Fr. Dee Bright: (413) 222-5168

PS: Annual membership dues are $100 and $50 for retirees

In addition to registration, we encourage members to also pay their annual membership dues of $100 (and $50 for retirees) in advance

Your help is needed
Those selling the highest number of tickets will be awarded.




A weekly update bulletin from the desk of The Rev. Dr. Dee Wellington Bright, LECUSA CHAIRMAN 

HAPPY NEW YEAR to our entire LECUSA Family

As God has blessed us to come to a new year, we wish Happy New Year 2020 to all of LECUSA's members and associates everywhere. We are starting both a new year and a new decade---the second decade of the 21st Century. May the Grace of God that has brought us this far continue to lead us on.

"United, We Stand; Divided, We fall."

Happy New Year with God's Blessings

Let's get into Action!


The Draw will take place at the 2020 Annual Reunion in Maryland

Tickets will soon be available in all LECUSA Chapters and Regions.

We appeal to all of our members to please get involved in the purchases and sales of the tickets. This is Draw is meant to be a major fundraiser for LECUSA.
We ask the cooperation of everyone.


1st PRIZE: Round trip ticket to Liberia (up to $1500)
2nd PRIZE: Laptop Computer
3rd PRIZE: Ipod
4th PRIZE: Tablet
5th PRIZE: $50 (Cash Prize)
6th PRIZE: $50 (Cash Prize)
7th PRIZE: $25 (Cash Prize)
8th PRIZE: $25 (Cash Prize)

Please contact your local LECUSA leaders or our National Financial secretary, (David Henson: 856-308-8537), for purchase and sale of tickets. Those selling the highest number of tickets will be awarded.

Immigration Issues (Next Steps)

In the last edition of this publication, we requested your prayers for the immigration bill that was being considered. With the pass of the Bill and the endorsement by the President, we are grateful for your prayers and efforts. We are most thankful to God for answering the prayers of His people.

Most of you have been asking about next steps and so the following is our initial response to your inquiry:

1--Since it is reported that there a approximately 4000 Liberians that would quality under the bill passed and many don't know the implications for their particular situation, we advise that you consult your immigration attorney to know how it applies to your situation. This will help you understand the next steps forward for your specific case.

2--As an immigrant community, LECUSA would want to set aside a time to celebrate this great breakthrough and victory for Liberians in thanksgiving to God. The time and manner of this thanksgiving and celebration will be determined later and announced to all of you. So please stay turned.

Once again, to God Be The Glory!

Prayers for Our Motherland

Following the recent news in our motherland of Liberia, there has been much anxiety and fear over the political situation there. Our Church community there has been truly on edge about the situation. As you are aware, there was a mass demonstration planned for December 30, that spurred fear of possible violence and instability. It was cut off following much negotiations but the cloud of anxiety still looms over the country.
We ask that you please continue to prayer with our church folks in the Diocese and all others during this tensed time for our homeland. In this era of national recovery and rebuilding, Liberia is still very fragile. Whatever affects the state will again affect the church.
Your prayers are requested and appreciated.

The Rev. Canon Wilmot T. Merchant

Our own Canon Merchant has been appointed as the interim administrative head of his diocese pending the election of the next bishop. The position of the bishop was made vacant by the end of the term of their provisional bishop. Plans are underway for the election of the next bishop but until then, Canon Merchant is running the affairs of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina in concert with an administrative team. This is, so far, the highest clerical position to be held by one of our Liberian born clergy here in the US.
We congratulate him and ask your prayers for him and the Diocese of South Carolina.


Preparations for the 2020 Gathering:

News reaching National from Maryland indicate that the preparation for hosting the 2020 Gathering is still making a lot of progress. Thanks to Jacqueline Cooper for her leadership and to everyone for the great teamwork in keeping this on course
Please Note:

Date and Venue for the 2020 Annual Gathering.
Date: Weekend of April 17-19, 2020
Venue: the State of Maryland

Please Note:
The next executive meeting of LECUSA is scheduled for
Thursday, January 9, 2020
at 7:00 pm CT / 8:00 pm ET:

Call 605-313-4831------Code 735-490#

The Agenda will be forwarded later.


REMEMBER: “With God, all things are possible!”

LECUSA National and LECUSA - MN Chapter “Chairs Project” for 5 Episcopal Church of Liberia Schools!
Benefiting schools are: St. James, Hoffman Station, Harper, Maryland (Southeastern Archdeaconry); St. John’s Buchanan (Bassa Archdeaconry); St. Martin on the Mount, Yekepa (LOBONI Archdeaconry); St. Stephen, Mambo & St. Andrew’s, Mbaloma (Southwestern Archdeaconry). Each school will receive 50 Armchairs!



LECUSA 10th Anniversary Gathering, Newark, NJ - Photos taken at Opening Prayer and Plenary sessions on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 24 Rector Street. We extend sincere gratitude to our hosts: The Episcopal Diocese of Newark, Trinity and St. Philip's Cathedral, New Jersey.

Click album below to view the photos taken by Mr. Benoni Tarr Grimes at LECUSA 10th Anniversary Awards and Recognition Benefit Dinner on 4/11/15. Congratulations to all of our Honorees! Enjoy! 

Photos of the distribution of the LECUSA Ebola Medical, Sanitation and Food Items
( Click here for Health and Media Advisory for Liberian Communities )

Distribution of Food Items and detergents to ECL Clergies and Staffs Distribution of Food Items and detergents to ECL Clergies and Staffs Distribution of Food Items and detergents to ECL Clergies and Staffs Clergy and ECL Staff receiving and signing for items received Clergy and ECL Staff receiving and signing for items received  Presentation of Ebola Materials to Hope for Women Health Center                                           Presentation to the Bromley Mission School Bishop Hart speaks with Nurse during presentation at Crozierville Health Center Presentation to Bensenville Hospital  Bishop Hart makes presentation to Health Center in Banjor                     Crozierville Reproductive Health Center receiving some of the medical Items        Bishop of the Lutheran Church receiving some of the Items from Bishop Hart Presentation to International Poly clinic Presentation to Bendaja Health Center in Cape Mount Presentation to Ebola Treatment Unit in Jenewale, Cape Mount jquery lightbox with slideshowby VisualLightBox.com v5.9


Active Clergy Annual Membership - $100.00

Laity Annual Membership - $100.00

Retired Clergy Annual Membership - $50.00

ECL Sustainability Fund

Donate any Amount


St. Mark's gets new roof - Harper, Liberia

The Most Rev. Jonathan BB Hart

The Rev. Dr. Dee Wellington Bright
Church of our Savior
1000 Jersey Lane
Palm Bay, FL. 3204

Signage for The Episcopal Church of Liberia


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